Avila Santo

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Hi my name is the above. Welcome to my world, it's yours too. Don't let the screen fool you, behind these words stands yours truly. Still striving to connect, expose and reassure what is felt. These qualities are innate, nothing elusive or distant.Lets start with my relationship to music.I am still the child that contaminated my creatively sterilized classes by tapping on anything within reach. My passion for music, along with years of practice and four years in Music College,has led me to become a fluent Producer/Composer and  Multi-Instrumentalist.Relatively newer mediums for me are those of film and visual art (note the car windshield turned canvas backdrop and the videos beneath this passage). All of the music/film collages and short film projects below (except for 'It's Real' which Reva Santo did the cinematography for) were shot and edited by myself. Feel free to get in contact and share what is felt. 


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